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when straight guys ask how lesbian sex works i feel really bad for their girlfriends because if you dont understand how to have sex with a girl in any way other than repeatedly putting your dick in her you are having some really bad sex

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Don’t trust people who don’t have fat friends.

It’s superhero day here at Romp n Roll. 👌 (at Romp n’ Roll Harrisburg)

It’s superhero day here at Romp n Roll. 👌 (at Romp n’ Roll Harrisburg)

at SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord

at SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord




Justin Bartels - Impression (2012)

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This is the best thing on the Internet. We undress everyday and it shows us how confined we are. Those imprints show how uncomfortable we are throughout each day just to impress other people. We create prisons in our own clothes. We are a prisoner in a socially constructed idea of what is beautiful.


I wish boobs did the bra thing without having to wear the bra

"Family Photo" from exactly 4 years ago. Lil G doesn’t run the back seat anymore! #timehop

"Family Photo" from exactly 4 years ago. Lil G doesn’t run the back seat anymore! #timehop

Cracking up at a video of himself. 😍😆

Cracking up at a video of himself. 😍😆

So this is my PSA to all my straight friends:

Some of you know that Cash has started weekly speech therepy and play therepy. Over the recent weeks we’ve had many meetings and evaluations and we’ve had to welcome a lot of people into our home. We’ve been lucky to welcome in really lovely ladies that seem to care about our family a great deal—which leads me to my point…

I have been amazed over and over by their naive understanding of what it means to be a two-mommy family in North Carolina. Because they are good women who believe we SHOULD have the same rights as the mom-dad family they spent their previous day with, they automatically assume that we do have those same rights.

We don’t.

We’ve blown their minds time and time again when they pose their very innocent questions that are so simply answered in the mom-dad homes they typically frequent. On Tuesday I watched sadness wash over their faces as they went to get our “proof of residence” from Sarah (because our utilities are in her name) and realized it was meaningless because she has zero rights to Cash.

No, we are not married. We can’t marry here. No, Sarah has not adopted Cash. That’s not a reasonable possibility in this state.

If you don’t think ^that’s a big deal then you’re not paying attention.

It handicaps our life on a regular basis.

So this is my PSA to all my straight friends: We’d love to get married and then Sarah could easily adopt Cash. Sarah is just as much his mother as I am. I assure you that he doesn’t love us differently. These things would happen sooner for us and other families like ours if all of our awesome straight friends truly realized the inequality. I know that many of my friends fight right along side of us, but I suppose I have been somewhat naive about others lack of knowledge—because when you have basic human rights it’s easy to assume that everyone else does to.

We don’t.

The wave of sadness that washed over their faces.. They weren’t bad people—quite the opposite. They observed our family unit and couldn’t imagine us as less-than the last family they visited with.

But we are. In the eyes of the law we are not the same.

We’re lucky to have supportive families that would never dream of forcing a separation with Cash. If something were to happen to me my family would not push out Sarah.

But there are lots of families that would. That do.

Change is coming. I know it. But maybe it would come faster if everyone simply knew the reality.


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